Lush UK's 'Sticky Banana' Soap Bar Blends Banana, Yogurt and Honeycomb

 - Oct 19, 2017
References: uk.lush
Although most solid soap bars are formulated and branded to show off a product's smooth texture, Lush Cosmetics UK created something different with its 'Sticky Banana' soap.

Some of the key ingredients that can be found in this soap product include nourishing banana, honeycomb and creamy soya yogurt, which come together to form a richly textured lather that is described as a "creamy velvety dream." The word "sticky" is typically associated with something being messy or unclean, but this uniquely branded soap bar uses it to express the solid soap's rich and interesting texture.

Sticky Banana is one of Lush's palm oil-free soap bases, as the production of palm oil is directly linked to the destruction of forests and endangerment of wildlife like orangutans.