Using the Stephen Hawking Voice Generator, This Ad Promotes Equality

 - Jan 3, 2013
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This advertisement for Everybody Technology uses the Stephen Hawking voice generator to promote technological development that makes devices accessible to those with disabilities.

Even with all the technological developments the world has achieved by 2013, a large portion of the actual population either does not benefit from it or cannot access it. A portion of that segment of the population that is shut out is people with disabilities. They are often overlooked in the development of new technologies and this advertisement aims to bring awareness to this issue.

The ad is shot as one fluid camera shot that slowly pulls back revealing a variety of different people mouthing the words of Stephen Hawking in the well known Stephen Hawking voice generator voice. Every person in the ad is a volunteer, some of whom are disabled themselves.

"So I ask that you create with everyone in mind," says Stephen Hawking.