The Stephen Gschmeissner 3D Insect Photos are Unrecognizable

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: dailymail & hypemuch
As someone who hates, nay, despises, insects, I must admit that these Stephen Gschmeissner 3D Insect photos are still incredibly interesting to look at and impossible to ignore. The photographs are zoomed in 150 times and showcase regular, everyday insects like beetles, woodworms and termites looking hardly recognizable at this size.

"I wanted to show people the insects they are living with everyday," said 62-year-old photographer and retired scientist Gschmeissner. "People just don’t realise what’s going on under the covers of their beds, in the carpets underfoot and inside the wardrobe."

While the Stephen Gschmeissner 3D Insect are certainly creepy and show me much more of the insects I fear than I ever wanted to see, I keep finding myself going back to these photos. Yet, while they are definitely entertaining to look at, I am positive that falling asleep tonight will not be an easy task. Thank you, Stephen Gschmeissner.