The 'Burnt Stool' Features a Burnt Finish That's Somewhat Brash

 - Nov 10, 2016
References: yankodesign
We're living in a time where design preferences are focused on pristine finishes and clean aesthetics, but the 'Burnt Stool' is a line of step stools that aim to go against these notions. Coming in several color options, the aptly named 'Burnt Stool' features legs that appear to have been scorched by fire to give them the look of being somewhat raw and edgy.

The 'Burnt Stool' is the design work of Alejandro Cantú and focuses on how destructive forces such as fire can be contained and utilized for design purposes. This is inherently evident with the step stools seen here, which maintain a somewhat polished aesthetic on the top portion yet show scorched stains on the bottom of the legs.