This Photo Series Reveal the Palatial Subway Stations in Russia

 - Oct 18, 2015
References: hyperallergic & mymodernmet
It is difficult to believe that the images in this photo series are of subway stations in Russia. Oftentimes, we think of train stations as dark and crowded but this photo series by David Burdeny proves otherwise. Burdeny spent two weeks capturing these radiant stations and was granted permission to photograph these places after they had closed for the night.

These stunning pictures are able to show the immense detail and beauty within the station walls. Burdeny also displays the architectural detail that is exposed when the stations are devoid of people. Impressively, many of the stations in Russia that were captured date as far back as 1935, representing one of the USSR's most expensive architectural projects. Unlike modern train stations, the ones featured in Burdeny's photo series show us the grandiose chandeliers, marble walls and sweeping high ceilings that Russian commuters admire every day.