A Star Wars Tournament Turns March Madness into a Character Battle

 - Mar 17, 2013
References: starwars & mashable
We're approaching March Madness season for the vaunted NCAA Basketball championship, but geeky non-sports fans now have their own version of a Star Wars tournament to follow instead.

Launched by Lucasfilm on starwars.com, the Star Wars tournament is a fun twist on the typical 64 team March Madness brackets. The twist is that Star Wars are given the chance to vote on their favorite characters from within the Star Wars universe. There's a part of me that wonders why they would even bother when it's a pretty safe bet that Darth Vader will take the whole thing, but then again, upsets and surprises are commonplace in tournaments like this one. Star Wars fans probably appreciate the Light vs. Dark side set up for the brackets as well.

With all the hoopla (no pun intended) over the March Madness basketball tournament, it's fun that someone tossed non-sports fans a bone with a competition of their own.