James Lavelle Curated a Stanley Kubrick Exhibition as a Tribute to His Hero

A summer Stanley Kubrick exhibition in the Somerset House in London is set to feature contributions from a broad range of artists, filmmakers and musicians who found themselves inspired by the icon.

Fans of the director are welcomed to reserve tickets in advance for the event, where they can participate in virtual reality experiences and see for themselves the many innovative pieces presented by the contributors. The Stanley Kubrick exhibition was curated by James Lavelle, a renowned musician and record label owner from England.

The event stems from contact Lavelle had with the director's representatives before he passed, which later inspired him to create an event that honored contemporary renditions of some of his hero's greatest works. The exhibition, titled 'Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick' is described as a "full-­on sensory experience that breathes new life into the epic, violent and sometimes surreal universe that Kubrick created through his films."