Mair/Wennel Created a Shirt Inspired by Your Most Embarrassing Stains

 - May 10, 2015
References: dirtpatternmaterial & styleite
While most of us generally try to avoid stained shirts, designers Mair/Wennel have intentionally created a shirt pattern that is inspired by our everyday stains. With their new Dirt Pattern Material, the designers are embracing all of the stains we inevitably find on our clothing and they are turning them into a kind of camouflage for the urban wearer.

Drawing on the common marks left behind from blood, grass, red wine and bike oil, the designers have created a chic and colorful print for their stylish new shirts. They explain that the intricate design is intended to evolve over time because "the disruptive coloration allows for new stains to be incorporated". If you often find yourself spilling your morning coffee or getting a bit grubby on your daily commute, Mair/Wennel stained shirts provide the perfect solution to hiding your embarrassing stains.