The 'Robinsons Refresh’d Spotify Hub' Revitalizes Playlists

The 'Robinsons Refresh’d Spotify Hub' is a branded web portal that refreshes consumers' playlists.

Robinsons claims this partnership with Spotify is a technological first. This branded web portal connects to users' Spotify accounts, takes a playlist of at least twenty songs, and with the help of Spotify's API, generates a 'Refresh'd' playlist. While the new list is being created, users are shown the new Robinsons Refresh'd television commercial. Once generated, users have a new playlist customized to their tastes.

Robinsons claims the interactive Spotify hub and its new Refresh'd beverages are targeted at the 25-35-year-old audience. According to the UK marketing director for Britvic (the company that owns Robinsons), "We’re hugely proud of this partnership and the tech behind it, and can’t wait to help inspire new refreshing summer soundtracks for Spotify users this summer."