This Sports Youth Hostel in Bayreuth, Germany has Two Activity Fields

 - Feb 7, 2018
References: archdaily
LAVA and Wenzel + Wenzel, two German architecture and design studios, collaborated to create this sports youth hostel in Bayreuth, Germany. The building employs a three-pronged Y-shape that maximizes the interplay between interior and exterior space, making it an ideal place to stay for young people who enjoying outdoor activities.

The sports youth hostel features two separate areas for activities. One of those is a ball sports court with enough space for a full game of soccer as well as a basketball court running widthwise along one end. The other is a more freeing flowing area that includes a small skate park.

One of the other benefits of the building's shape is the convergence of the three arms. That area is devoted to a central atrium where guests can collect and intermingle, improving the culture and community of the hostel.

Image Credit: Häfele, Studio Huber, LAVA