The Spoon Chair by Philipp Aduatz Scoops its Sitter Like Soup from a Bowl

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: philippaduatz
Without any suggestion of its dimensions, you may wonder, what is this unusual item? It's called the Spoon Chair by Philipp Aduatz, and it's perhaps perplexing in appearance due to its hybrid design of two very different objects.

While there are many conventions and theories behind designing the ideal seat, this metallic piece of furniture expresses an attempt to adopt an unusual shape. Its silvery sinuous form directly references a piece of cutlery, complete with one concave end and a narrowing shaft.

Elegantly employing the principles of cantilevering, the Spoon Chair by Philipp Aduatz stands upon an oval base with a long snaking spine. Angled at just less than 45 degrees, it remains sturdy when vacant and solid when someone sits on it.