'Splyt' Can Be Displayed as a Tree-Shaped Table Lamp or Chandelier

 - Apr 15, 2016
References: splytlight & kickstarter
The 'Splyt Light' is the name of a unique lamp that can be customized to a user's specifications and and displayed in one of two ways. The tree-shaped lamp is made up of a system of socket connectors and lightbulbs that resemble the branches and buds on a tree. By using these materials, the lighting solution begins to take on an organic form that looks like a real natural formation.

Once fully assembled, the Splyt Light can be arranged to sit on its base on a small tabletop or hang from the ceiling as a chandelier.

As well as being able to make infinite custom arrangements to the body of the lamp, there's a lot of flexibility with the bulbs that can be added to the unit, including warm-glowing incandescents or energy-efficient LED bulbs.