The 'Melbourne Moonshine' Spirit Bottle Embraces Bootlegging History

While the consumption of alcohol is legal and culturally accepted in many parts of the world, the industry still has the feeling of being a vice that goes against the morals of society and recalls the days of prohibition and bootlegging, which is celebrated by the 'Melbourne Moonshine' spirit bottle design that looks like it was created to be discreetly enjoyed.

Designed by creative agency Sense, the 'Melbourne Moonshine' spirit bottle is sized small to be easily hidden should the fuzz come to break up your party. The new alcohol brand describes the experience of thinking about how to approach the release of the first batches: "For its branding, packaging and website, we drew influences from the bootleg history of moonshine itself, as well as the shape of the celestial moon and the copper of the alembic stills used to create this unique liquor."