This Sautéed Spinach Lasagna is Made Without Tomato Sauce

 - Mar 1, 2017
References: host.madison
Tomato sauce is the key ingredient in virtually every lasagna recipe, but this Sautéed Spinach Lasagna takes things in a much creamier direction to update the classic dish in an unexpected way.

The lasagna starts with sautéed spinach that is folded into ricotta cheese and a simple béchamel sauce before being layered between the noodles. After the layering has finished, the lasagna is baked and then allowed to sit for a while (ten-minutes or longer) before being served.

The Sautéed Spinach Lasagna is far richer than traditional lasagna recipes and is ideal for serving to guests as a more indulgent yet less messy dish option. This is thanks to the dense ingredients that have less water content than tomatoes and will subsequently stay together more firmly.