The Spherical Glass Solar Energy Generator by Andre Rawlemon

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: rawlemon & thisiscolossal
The spherical glass solar energy generator by Andre Rawlemon is a brand new development by the Barcelona-based architect. This inventive solar-generating project is packed with water and has the ability to capture diffused daylight or moonlight. This energy is then used for a more productive application.

These images show Broessel constructing the concept, and he dispays the ball lens that can improve energy efficiency up to 35 percent. This gorgeous globe is fastened onto a sturdy stand that can support the entire weight of the water.

This concept has huge potential, and if these glass globes were implemented into the sides of buildings, they would harness energy when natural light shines through. Andre runs the Rawlemon studio, which is a company that create this new micro tracking module.

Additional Photos: Design Boom