From Bold Yellow Book Shops to Retail Amusement Parks

 - Aug 7, 2013
Creating the interior design of a retail location to market to a specific demographic is an inventive way to draw in those consumers, which is why these child-targeted retail stores are perfectly outfitted with bold colors and amusing designs to draw in kids and their parents.

With so many retail shops constantly popping up all around the city, outfitting a shop's interior design with bold and outrageous references is a fantastically creative way to stand out from the rest. These child-targeted retail stores in particular have been specifically designed with elements such as bright fluorescent colors and playground-inspired features to draw in that playful demographic of consumers.

From bookstores offering a bright and playful experience to children's clothing boutiques that feature candy-like colors, these child-targeted retail stores will definitely have kids flocking to have a look inside.