Siri vs. Starbucks Discovers Which of the Two Makes Worse Spelling Mistakes

 - Sep 16, 2014
References: designtaxi
This blog compares hilariously horrendous spelling mistakes made by both Apple's Siri and Starbucks baristas. Based out of Sweden, Alexander Norling runs the tumblr account called Siri vs. Starbucks.

The side by side comparisons consist of the name attempting to be spelled, a screen shot of Siri's search and a picture of a labelled Starbucks cup. In some cases both make spelling mistakes, but more often than not it is Starbucks getting names entirely wrong. For example Siri called Savanna 'Savannah,' but a Starbucks employee went in a different direction with 'Steph.' There is the added comedy component of Alex having a Swedish accent, and Siri trying to interpret his English correctly. The tumblr also takes submissions from others.