Communist-Chic Clothing

 - Nov 12, 2008
References: trenddelacreme
It has been almost 20 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the associated communist symbols are now on the rise in fashion.

According to Trend de la Creme, the large red star and the hammer and sickle have become staples in the increasing glamorization of communism.

This gallery of images includes pieces from the Chen Junghong and Sabyasachi Mukherjee Spring 2009 collections.

It also includes a Communist Wrap Skirt from, Communist Undies from, Communist Scarf by Peach Pit, ‘Greetings Feline’ Tee by Jester Funny Books, Red Star Gloves by Super Sugar Ray Ray, CCCP Carryall Bag from, and the Soviet Necklace by Kid Viskous.