From Nesting Doll Luggage Sets to Presidential Home Decor

 - Aug 13, 2012
The fascinating concept of the traditional Russian nesting doll has spawned a modern collection of ravishing reinvented Matryoshkas.

These wooden figurines have traditionally been decorated with a Russian girl in a peasant jumper dress and fit increasingly smaller dolls within their hollow middles. Most of these reincarnated concepts have kept their iconic one-within-another design, but in many cases have had the doll exterior done away with. Remixed to today's contemporary standards, the stackable feature has been applied to various storage solutions and seating concepts. In other cases, the faces of the figurines have been injected with pop culture by sporting Barack Obama or Batman exteriors.

The dolls have even been featured in child trafficking ads -- which is just one example of the ample creative space that designers are given thanks to a versatile design configuration.