Katya Malakhova Creates Matryoshka Dolls in the Image of Batman

 - Mar 2, 2012
References: no-design.ru & gadgetreview
These masked toys combine everything you love about the classic Russian nesting dolls and the Dark Knight into an adorable set of Matryoshka dolls by designer Katya Malakhova. Many people recognize the dolls through the traditional design of a peasant woman containing smaller figures within her, usually ending with a small wooden baby; however, as of late, much more pop culturally savvy renditions can be seen.

Other versions of the Matryoshka dolls have included Soviet leaders and fairy tale characters. Although tradition has it so that the subsequent figures within the doll follow a "object-within-similar-object" design relationship, the Batman Russian Nesting Doll only includes various sizes of the identical caped crusader. While it may make for a less compelling metaphor, four Batmans of various sizes would make Matryoshka Gotham City a lot safer.