The SoundObject Mew Project Encourages Loving Interactivity

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: ecgdesign.tumblr & psfk
The SoundObject Mew project may look like a carpeted stool, yet it is much more than a piece of furniture. It is a sound sculpture that has an interactive quality to it. First it begins to purr when it senses a person moving closer to it. Then when a person finally starts to pet it, the SoundObject Mew sculpture emits distorted ‘meows’ according to his/her stroking patterns.

Created by Design Products, Information Experience Design and Visual Communication students at the Royal College of Art in London (Emily Groves, Jackie Ford, Jakub Pollág and Paula Arntzen), the SoundObject Mew project takes people's love of cats to another level. Groves reveals, "Our idea was to make an object with a hint of the visual qualities of a cat, but that certainly was not a representation of one."