Sophie Ellis' Self-Portraits are Positively Radiant

 - May 7, 2011
References: flickr & whitezine
Sophie Ellis's stunning self-portraits speak for themselves.

The young photographer based out of the U.K. takes her portraits to a very personal level, allowing her audience a glimpse of her inner utopian universe. The series of photographs captures Ellis in a variety of serene settings and depicts her embracing nature and the beauty of the natural form. Her compositions are clean and communicative, exploring the contrast in size between beings and their environment.

Whimsical, humble and romantic, Ellis' photos explore every aspect of her personality. Her outfits and expression are always very natural and not exaggerated, and often she will choose to shoot in black and white or mute the captured colors. The picturesque pieces are breathtaking, and omit feelings of whimsy and warmth.

Sophie Ellis' self-portraits are extremely expressive and allow viewers a snapshot of her life.