Kim Poerksen and Sven Meyer's Sonic Water Video Visualizes Water Movements

 - May 10, 2013
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Thanks to the widespread nature of the 3D technology, people like Kim Poerksen and Sven Meyer are now able to make neat , visually stimulating displays like their 'Sonic Water' exhibit.

Even just two or three years ago, things like making 3D projections of abstract materials and substances like water was an impossible feat. But Kim Poerksen and Sven Meyer are just two examples of the new wave of artists, tech nerds and all around visual entusiasts who are using the newly available powers of 3D tech to create stunning artwork.

These artists' Sonic Water exhibit shows a 3D projection of a water droplet being put into a small monitored reservoir of water. By combining the fascinating capabilities of new 3D technology with amazing artistic ambitions, Sonic Water is a visually wowing slideshow of human ingenuity.