The 'Solar Winds Desert Power Plant' by Michael Jantzen Provides Ene

Instead of wasting money on making a city look more welcoming, inventions such as this 'Solar Winds Desert Power Plant' by Michael Jantzen allow more eco-friendly and infrastructure-savvy solutions for townships.

This creation is meant for areas in which the public likes to gather for leisure or rest and its looming, spindly structure serves to provide shade with seating. What's really interesting is that these structures also serve as mini power plants as they also possess the ability to harness wind and solar energy and transmit it all to a local power grid. It looks like an upside down plant with 24 long leaves protruding from its center. Using the beauty of Mother Nature, this invention by the creative mind of Michael Jantzen looks immensely pleasing to the eye and manages to procure environmentally friendly energy for clean productivity.