The Solar Intensity Meter Was Installed by Unimed Pelotas

 - Mar 21, 2016
References: adsoftheworld & activationideas
Launched in January 2016 in Brazil, the Solar Intensity Meter is a clever brand activation that alerts citizens on the beach to the dangers of the sun overhead. Created by agency Mark+, the Solar Intensity Meter is designed as a social intervention that reminds those on the beach of the inherit dangers and responsibilities associated with soaking up the sun.

Similar stunts have also been held in South America that highlight the cancer risks associated with prolonged sun exposure. Happiness Brussels and the Peruvian League Against Cancer once partnered to launch "Shadow WiFi," a WiFi network only accessible when those on the beach stand in the shade offered by a giant wall.

As brands look for more ways to serve as catalysts for positive change in the lives of individuals, consumers are reacting positively to the attempt to honestly look out for the best interest of consumers.