Rakuten's Soil Bath Mat Wicks Water Rapidly and Naturally

 - Oct 18, 2013
References: global.rakuten & en.rocketnews24
This Rakuten soil bath mat is selling out quickly and getting rave reviews online. The bath mat is able to absorb water amazingly well because it mimics what nature does best: absorb water with soil. The mat is said to be extremely comfortable to step onto, with what feels like a slate-like texture.

The soil wicks moisture using "millions of naturally occurring, microscopic holes which make it incredibly porous and deodorizing."

Since this all-natural material is harvested from the earth, the mat comes in three earthy tones: white, pink and green, as well as three sizes. The mat is priced at $80, but it seems like a small price to pay for a completely natural bath mat that dries better than a synthetic one and is made from soil packed with thousands of years of history.