This Soft Memory Foam Wallet Won't Cause Discomfort When Sat On

 - Dec 6, 2016
References: & gearhungry
Those keep their wallet in their back pocket know how uncomfortable it can be to sit on it, so this soft Memory Foam Wallet is intended to provide relief. Constantly sitting on a hard leather wallet can start to cause issues with the person's posture as they'll have to shift and sit to accommodate the awkward accessory. As such, the Memory Foam Wallet is intended to compress down to just one-eight of the size of its original size in order to be safe and comfortable to sit on.

The soft Memory Foam Wallet features a total of 6 pockets for cards which allows up to 14 of them to be stored inside the accessory along with a section for banknotes. The Memory Foam Wallet is machine washable to make cleaning it simple and easy.