The Sofa MrSH by Alexander Kozynets Refuses to Conform

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Have you ever seen anything like the Sofa MrSH? Most likely not. This curious concept couch largely deviates from the conventional mold of a chesterfield.

Designed by Alexander Kozynets, it satisfies some of the basic criteria for a lounger, as it offers users a soft and plushy place to sit which is elevated from the ground and incorporates an inclined backrest. As one can appreciate in this example, such qualities are in fact rather vague when it comes to conceiving a recliner for repose.

The Sofa MrSH appears to assume the abstract form of a convex shell, providing the sitter with a smooth cushion and an unusual backrest. A donut shape is formed in the front, extruding to a hard point at the back which acts as an angled support.