Gold Shoedals by Alexander McQueen

 - Jul 31, 2008
References: & styledash
Alexander McQuirky, er McQueen, wants to rewrite the unspoken rules of fashion.

Wearing socks with sandals has long been known as one of the most basic, yet unforgivable fashion faux pas one could commit, but McQueen wants to change all that.

The young fashion designer sent male models down his Spring 2009 runway wearing shiny, golden dress shoe sandals.... with light grey socks.

The only place a shoe like this could fly is if they were loaner shoes at a bowling alley and the wearer was trying to protect his tootsies from foot fungus.

Alexander McQueen has his own notion of what's stylish, however. The gallery shows some of the looks from the Spring 2009 show which included male corsets and very feminine silhouettes.

Below is another quirky look from his collection.