Ameliorate Apparel Operations with Crucial References to Feet-Specific Attire

 - Apr 8, 2012
References: trendreports
Major fashion labels cannot get around the consistent demand for knee-highs, leg warmers and thick full-length leggings. Shoppers exploring this apparel niche are frequently in search of wool, cotton and even silk fabrics, bringing about business for brands like Lululemon and Champion. The Sock Trend Report points out why and how these products have been well-received, with 30 PRO Trends and 300 examples of feet-oriented wares.

Lavishly patterned and sweat-resistant socks have been produced by clothing companies catering to particular consumer needs. Dress and athletic shoes require specific stockings, and this demand has resulted in these marketable ventures. Small boutiques and major designers will develop sound practices with reference to such data contained in this report.