What Happens Every Second on the Internet Shows Social Media Usages

 - Aug 18, 2013
References: fastcocreate
No one can deny how important the Internet is, and this infographic that shows the amount of social media usages that take place in a second is a startling realization of how frequently we use our accounts.

This infographic is entitled 'What Happens Every Single Second on the Internet,' and it uses icons to demonstrate what activities take place. The results are astounding. As an example there are 18,326 Tumblr posts, 2,066,646 Google searches and 10,052,019 Facebook likes.

These numbers are gigantic, and when considering that this happens every second, there is no doubt how important social media has become.

Some may find this infographic terrifying, and even though the amount of social media usages has skyrocketed, there are many positive aspects it can do for one's career or for start up companies. This is a depiction of how prevalent the Internet is in our world.