This Social Game Laughs at the Quirks of the Aid Work World

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: jadedaid & kickstarter
'JadedAid' is a social game for humanitarian workers who are all too familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the aid-providing industry.

The gameplay of the social game mimics that of successful satirical games like Cards Against Humanity -- and in fact, JadedAid's cards are sized so that they can be incorporated into a Cards Against Humanity deck to combine both games. JadedAid features such prompts as "USAID's guilty pleasure," "My NGO name means __ in Kiswahili" and "There's an app for that." Players respond with the cards in their hand -- which could include "Avoiding missionaries," "YouTube beheadings" or "Indigenous alcohol" -- to form biting, hilarious and often un-PC witticisms.

JadedAid is funded via Kickstarter campaign, giving the social game a great opportunity to corner a niche market which will appreciate its industry-specific humor.