Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka is Magically Deceptive

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: tokujin & blog.experimentsinmotion
The art installation titled Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka is entirely deceptive. To the casual observer, it looks like it is made out of snow--and its name does nothing to correct this assumption. For those who are a little more perceptive, however, it becomes apparent that it isn't snow trapped in the 15-meter tank. Instead, it is feathers.

Simulating a snow storm, the hundreds of kilograms of feathers in Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka are blown into the air. The way they stick to the window makes it appear as though frost is forming along its surface. According to Experiments in Motion, "The piece is meant to evoke the viewers memories of nature and compare the sheer force of real phenomena in motion versus synthetic representations mechanically operated."