The Takkon TK-500 Aims at Providing Relief for the Partners of Snorers

 - Nov 18, 2016
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
The majority of snoring solutions on the market focus on the snorer, but the Takkon TK-500 takes the opposite approach by offering the partner of a snorer a little bit of attention and relief.

The Takkon TK-500 works by intercepting the sound waves created by your partner's snoring and filtering out the startling sound before it reaches your ears. Users wear headphones attached to the Takkon TK-500 that will help to maintain a peaceful experience while at the same time ensuring that a crying baby or alarm clock is able to be heard.

The Takkon TK-500 is available for preorder on Kickstarter and will last for up to 20-hours with each charge. The device takes an unexpected direction for snoring solutions and can help to make each night's sleep restful and uninterrupted by the annoyance of a snorer.