The New Arby's Sliders are Scaled-Down Versions of the Originals

 - Mar 22, 2016
References: arbys & businessinsider
Arby's recently rolled out a new line of snack-sized sandwiches to give consumers more options when it comes to eating on the go. While the chain is known for its popular meat-centric sandwiches, the hefty dishes are not made for portability. Now the brand offers handheld versions of its most popular menu items for those who want to take their meal to go.

The new Sliders menu consists of five snack-sized sandwiches made with popular Arby's toppings. In total, there are five varieties to choose from: Ham 'n Cheese, Roast Beef 'n Cheese, Corned Beef 'n Cheese, Crispy Chicken 'n Cheese and JalapeƱo Roast Beef 'n Cheese. Because the sandwiches are made for maximum portability, each one comes in a tiny holding container that allows for mess-free snacking.

With an emphasis on meaty toppings and a price that hovers just over $1, the Sliders are likely to appeal to young male consumers looking for a hearty snack option.