SmartCane Uses Vibrations to Notify Blind People of Approaching Obstacles

SmartCane is an electronic disability aid that improves upon the classic white stick design. Using ultrasonic ranging, the walking stick is able to communicate to people with vision impairments and blindness through the use of subtle vibrations, alerting them of obstacles in the distance. While the traditional white stick is only capable of detecting objects within a range of about half a meter, this smart stick identifies objects up to three meters away. As far as the sensitivity of the sensors, the SmartCane is able to detect the presence of a 3 cm pipe from about 3 meters away.

The walking aid is adjustable based on height and features an ergonomic grip for comfortable holding and tapping. The high-tech travel aid also includes a built-in battery that's rechargeable and lasts for about 10 hours at a time.