The Smart Vacuum Cleaner is a Cute Way to Clean Your House

 - Jul 12, 2013
References: inventorspot
Vacuuming may be one of the most tedious household jobs, and with a smart vacuum cleaner life gets a little easier. The Mocoro Microfiber Mop Ball Vacuum is not only adorable, but it helps to clean your house.

A smart vacuum is a device that, when fully charged, will go around on its own and clean your floors for up to three hours. It is designed to clean an average-sized floor in 15 minutes. Since it does have a microfiber covering, it will require you to stop the cleaning process and take the dirt off the top layer; however, the special brush designed to take off dirt is included.

The covers do come with color options of pink, green and orange and is removable for easy washing. This may just be the most adorable way to clean your floors.