The Brio Protects Kids From Electrocution

 - Dec 11, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The Brio is a smart power outlet that is designed to protect children from electrocution. It is designed to be able to tell the difference between electrical appliance pins and the tiny fingers of inquisitive little kids, and only provides electricity when it detects an appliance.

The Brio fits into the wall like any regular power outlet. Its default setting is 'off', so electricity will only flow if the unit detects an electrical device. When the plug's embedded sensors detect a plug, the Brio goes into sensing mode to find the correct level of resistance. Once its built-in microprocessor gives the thumbs up, the Brio then lets 120 Volts of electricity flow to the appliance.

The developers of the Brio are currently operating a Kickstarter campaign to bring their invention to market. A pledge of $39 will get you a Brio if and when the product comes to production. Shipping will commence to American pledgers only in May 2015.