The Ario Smart Lamp Changes Intensity During the Day to Sync with Body Clocks

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: arioliving & kickstarter
'Ario' is a smart lamp that mimics natural light from the sun -- increasing in strength throughout the morning and dimming towards nighttime. The positive effects of this smart lamp are wide and include keeping people healthy, helping them sleep and helping them to wake up more easily.

The natural light produced from Ario stimulates an even balance of chemicals like cortisol and melatonin to be produced, contributing to both happiness and relaxation. The smart lamp can also act as a jet lag cure and can even boost one's immune system by reducing stress.

The Ario lighting system is great for everyone, but is especially beneficial to new parents, teens with shifting body clocks and anyone who has trouble sleeping or has to wake up before dawn.