Smart Collars Will Reduce the Incidence of Human/Animal Conflict

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: nytimes & treehugger
The implementation of new "smart collars" will help us understand our fellow Earthlings in more detail than ever. Their movements, sleeping patterns, hunting methods and overall schedule will be made available to zoological researchers in the coming months.

Intended for widespread production within the year, the smart collars will literally transform the way we manage human populations, urban expansion and wildlife preservation. The mysteries of nature may have a shelf life measurable in years if these collars are put to appropriate use, tracking the habits and patterns of animals living in the remote wild and near human settlements. A combination of global-positioning technology and accelerometers will help researchers compile a daily diary of the fauna they observe.

Robert G. Streeter, the commissioner of Colorado's parks and wildlife, put it perfectly, "We could put up a Facebook account for each animal." What an idea!