This Smart Car Prank Shows How Impractical Big City Cars Are

 - Jul 29, 2014
References: smart & adeevee
The 'Biggest Car Ever' is a Smart Car prank that dupes people into thinking that the next big thing from the automaker will be a gigantic city car. Since Smart Car has mastered making ultra-compact city cars, the Prototype Prank is all about unveiling an oversized smart car, which is supposedly bigger and better than ever.

A series of participants are asked to give their early impressions on the Smart Car's 'Big City Car,' and some of them actually buy into the outrageous features of the auto, like its oversized steering wheel and how easy it would be to spot outside—nevermind the multiple parking spaces it would take up. The silly prankvertisement is a brilliant way to prove that driving a big city car just doesn't make any sense in a condensed urban city.