The Bihana Nose Adjuster Is a Natural Way to Slim Face Features

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: japantrendshop
For consumers seeking to achieve a slim face shape without relying on cosmetic surgery, the Bihana Nose Adjuster Clip might be an ideal alternative. The gadget wraps around the contours of the nose and attaches to the edge of the nostrils to provide pressure to the bone. Routine use of the product will help to decrease the size and thickness of the nose.

The Bihana Nose Adjuster is a simple gadget to test out for consumers looking to reduce the size of their nose. The device relies on creating a pressure point around both sides of the nose overnight while the wearer adorns the gadget during sleep. The nostril plugs feature a hollowed out design so wearers can still breathe while wearing the device.