'Re-Cover' Could Turn Skyscraper Buildings into Eco Energy Hubs

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: tuvie
Cities around the world are growing to gargantuan size, so 'Re-Cover' is designed to be a way for existing skyscraper buildings to be updated for the future. The 'Re-Cover' would work by being affixed over the buildings in megacities and utilized as a way to harness energy, grow greenery and support bustling life.

The 'Re-Cover' consists of three modules including a skin, the structure and the platform. The skin would be capable of harnessing the power of solar energy, while also capturing rain water for use. The structure features an energy purifying system that would control the functionality of the skin. The platform would be capable of growing and supporting organic life around the skyscraper building to provide sustenance and more for the newly built community.