The Sky Ferrreira Vogue Australia Cover is Strikingly Dainty

The Sky Ferreira Vogue Australia cover and editorial displays her personal style. The retro editorial was styled by Stevie Dance and photographed by Christian MacDonald in New York.

The retro 80s-inspired editorial features hipster model, singer, songwriter Sky Ferreira. The songstress demonstrates her trademark edgy, punk-pop style in the magazine spread. She is seen wearing a pink and white sweater that reads parental guidance. The demure cover features a dark haired Sky posing in 80s-inspired belted sweaters.

The songstress looks stunningly dainty. She claims that she likes being herself and not promoting an unrealistic version of herself like pop singers often do. The Sky Ferreira Vogue Cover captures the starlet in her true element. The authentic star grazes the cover in a nonchalant demure fashion.