These Famous Cartoons Get a Bit Creepy with New Skull Heads

 - Jan 24, 2014
References: & juxtapoz
These images see popular cartoon characters re-imagined as skull-faced figurines. From Bugs Bunny to Mighty Mouse, these figurines add an edge to these characters that one won't see in their respective shows.

Theodoru Badiu is the designer of these amazing 3D figurines and has done a fantastic job on them. To his credit, he has many works with the signature wide skull-face, but these ones are especially compelling due to the characters that are being remade.

You won't find any eyes on Mickey Mouse in his figure, because it seems his eyes have been taken out as well as his nose. This theme carries over to the other models as well including Mighty Mouse, Bugs and Pinnochio. Felix seems to have gotten lucky and was able to keep his eyes in tact but the eyeless version of these figurines is the most iconic.