The Skittles Cloud is Nursed Back to Health in This Quirky Commercial

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: youtube & creativecriminals
After noticing her Skittles Cloud is not feeling the best, an old woman brings it in to the vet for a quick checkup. The vet looks at the cloud with concern, stating that the thunder and storm-filled ball appears to be "under the weather." With a quick shot of rainbow-colored goodness, the cloud then bursts back to life, pouring out endless skittles for both the vet and owner to enjoy.

This quirky Skittles Cloud commercial personifies this weather formation in a hilarious manner, making one wish that they too could own a candy-concocting cloud. The nursing part of the commercial can also be related to people taking care of their hunger - a clever subconscious marketing tactic on Skittles' part.