These Takayuki Hori Transparent Origami Pieces are Eerie and Educating

 - May 3, 2011
References: walyou
Japanese artist Takayuki Hori's skeletal origami pieces aren't simply visually pleasing, but are also bold statements about the state of our current environment.

Origami is one of the oldest and most traditionally praised art forms in Japan. However, its popularity has been gradually decreasing over time and Takayuki Hori is attempting to resurrect the art form with his collection. The origami pieces are made of transparent paper and depict the skeletal systems of wildlife creatures. The three-dimensional aspect of the origami makes the paper skeletons very convincingly lifelike. Hori's focus on animals stems from his concern about the increasing number of endangered species in Japan. He hopes to shed light on current environmental practices, which are forcing native species out of their habitats.

Get a clear understanding of Japan's endangered species with Takayuki Hori's transparent skeletal origami collection.