This Unusual Product is a Safe and Unusual Way to Get Around Town

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: singlefootskate
This new product called the Rockit is the first of its kind and is particularly unique in its design. This product offers an exciting and unusual way to get around. It is compact, hands-free, ambidextrous and it even fits in your backpack. The Skate Scooter gives you total control at your desired speed. 
The Rockit is small, low to gravity, it straps to one foot and gives you total control.

The Skate allows people of all ages to travel in a cool, new, safe and faster method. Students, couriers, postal workers, kids of all ages, athletes and extremists all benefit from the use of riding the Rockit.

Rockit is great for those who don't have the skills or balance to ride other competitive products already in the marketplace.