Floating Cup Looks like It's Sinking, but Denis Belenko is a Half-Full Kinda Guy

 - Jan 31, 2010   Updated: Jul 18 2011
References: nuacco
Denis Belenko was inspired to design the Floating Cup after noticing coffee cups floating in rainwater on his patio table. Hence the name Floating Cup, as opposed to what this mug looks like: a sinking cup.

Belenko likes to experiment with boundaries between objects. Another recent design of his is a lamp being absorbed by a wall. For the Floating Cup, Belenko worked with Alexandr Brazhenskiy and Stanislav Zaremba.

Implications - With so many negative elements in contemporary life, consumers are looking towards their purchases for some sort of positivity. Designs that feature an uplifting aspect are appealing to those who want to stay optimistic. Companies trying to appeal to the modern buyer could focus on this.