These Decadent Key Lime Curd Squares are Single-Serve Dessert Portions

This delicious key lime curd recipe transforms the sweet and zesty pie into convenient single-serve dessert portions perfect for portion control. The recipe is designed so that one bite is just enough to curb your sweet craving.

Key lime pie is a popular flavor that is filled with fresh, citrus flavors and a fluffy cream filling. This recipe serves the pie as miniature single-serve bites making it much easier for foodies to control their portion intake. The recipe features a homemade graham cracker crust topped with a lime-infused curd made from egg, cornstarch, sugar, coconut pineapple mango coconut water and butter. The added flavored coconut beverage gives the pie filling a tropical twist. The dessert is made and chilled inside an ice cube tray to create perfect bite-sized servings.